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Take Your Law Firm in a Profitable New Direction

If you’re an elder law or estate planning attorney, it’s no secret that things are changing. Despite demographic trends that would seem to create a limitless pool of prospects, many asset-focused elder law and estate planning attorneys find the practice less rewarding every year. Maybe you’re one of them.

Practice Life Care Planning

It's easy to reach your highest potential when you're on the right side of change.

Make Change Work for You

Though many opportunities for tax planning, asset protection, and public benefits planning have been eliminated, nothing will eliminate your clients’ need for quality care as they age. Whether you’re worth $100 or $100 million, everyone worries about caring for their loved ones. That’s why you need to know about Life Care Planning.

Transition faster with Life Care Consulting’s


Experience the Future of Elder Law

Life Care Planning is a philosophical approach to elder law that helps families respond to the legal, financial, and personal challenges caused by aging, chronic illness, and disability. A team of legal and non-legal professionals work together to identify a client’s present and future legal, financial, residential, and personal needs, and develop a Life Care Plan that will meet those needs. Firms that offer Life Care Planning practice in an “elder-centered” fashion, meaning that services are organized around the specific needs of the elderly client.

Make this innovative practice model work for you with Life Care Consulting's TOTAL SUPPORT PACKAGE »

The Case for Life Care Planning

Adding Life Care Planning to your suite of services may be right for you if these four things are important to you.

  • More revenue. Life Care Planning can help you add more services, building sustainable revenue streams that aren’t based on a single transaction and aren’t dependent upon regulatory loopholes that keep closing. 

  • More fulfilling work. With its focus on quality of life, Life Care Planning practice gives you a way to make a real difference in the lives of your clients and their families.

  • To stand apart from the competition. Being able to address more than just financial and legal problems give you a major edge over asset-focused practitioners. 

  • To transition away from hourly billing. You’ll learn a model that will shatter preconceived notions about lawyers’ billing practices.

Jump Start Your Life Care Planning Practice

If you’re ready to transition from estate planning or traditional elder law to Life Care Planning, you don’t have to go it alone. Life Care Consulting’s Total Support Package expedites the process. You’ll receive personalized, high-impact training, tools, and support that shorten your learning curve, give you an edge over the competition, and make it possible to generate revenue more quickly than you could on your own. Whether you’re considering the launch of a Life Care Planning practice or you’ve tried to implement Life Care Planning with limited results, Life Care Consulting will pave the way to success. 

Make this innovative practice model work for you with

Life Care Consulting's TOTAL SUPPORT PACKAGE »

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