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Practice Life Care Planning


Shorten the learning curve and achieve your revenue potential faster.

Take the Fast Lane to Success

Life Care Consulting’s Total Support Package give you everything you’ll need to reach your goals—faster than you could on your own. Here’s what you’ll learn.


  • How to manage both the high-level operation of a Life Care Planning practice and the detailed activities of each staff member.

  • How to pitch the Life Care Planning value proposition to clients and close the consult with a sale.

  • How to manage a client file through the life cycle.

  • How to hire, train, and manage support staff, including how they should answer the phone and conduct intakes.

  • What elder care coordinators do and how they can provide a client experience that will encourage annual renewals.

  • How to conduct and implement educational marketing to grow your business.

Everything You Need. For a Single Flat Fee.

  • Exclusivity agreement. 

  • Free membership to Life Care Planning Law Firms Association during your first year, including access to the LCP Fundamentals program.

  • Onsite visit at your office, written assessment, and comprehensive action plan for launching your Life Care Planning practice.

  • Extensive education, including online courses for attorneys, elder care coordinators, and operations staff, monthly phone calls and webinars, and quarterly white papers. 

  • Shadowing programs at Life Care Consulting founders’ offices that expose you to best practices at the nation’s most successful Life Care Planning firms.

  • Expert guidance building your non-legal organization, including the selection, placement, and training of elder care coordinators and operational staff.  

  • Detailed practice management tools and support, including policies, step-by-step procedures, forms, and documents.

  • Marketing education and turnkey marketing tools, including logo-ready templates, scripts, collateral, and scripted PowerPoint presentations for consumer and professional seminars. 

  • Sales education, scripts, templates, role-play opportunities, and video-conferencing feedback. 

  • Mentoring, hand-holding, and just-in-time coaching from the attorneys, care coordinators, and operations staff from the nation’s most successful Life Care Planning law firms. 

  • Access to value-priced services from Life Care Planning trade partners

  • Access to networking opportunities with other Life Care Planning members, including annual conferences.


What happens after you purchase the Total Support Package?

Your program starts right away, and you’ll see immediate benefits. Here’s what to expect.

LCP Fundamentals. If you haven’t already completed the course or if you need a refresher, you will complete it now.
Planning Call. After you complete a workbook, professionals from the Life Care Consulting Support Team will help you establish goals and objectives for the engagement. 
On-Site Visit. Professionals from the Life Care Consulting Support Team will visit your firm to conduct an assessment and you’ll receive a written action plan.
OPTIONAL Shadowing Day. You will have the opportunity to visit a successful Life Care Planning firm to see it in operation.
Ongoing Education. Learning continues with online course, monthly calls, webinars, and just-in-time coaching.

Get the Total Support Package today.

Why struggle on your own when comprehensive help is just a phone call away? Call 615-447-8491 or email to schedule your no-obligation consultation.
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