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Healthcare Advocacy

Offer Healthcare Support to Your Clients

Health Insurance Advocates adds value to your firm’s service lineup without the need to hire additional staff.

Health Insurance Advocates:

Filling an Unmet Need in the Marketplace

Most people over age 65 need help with healthcare decision making. Most aren’t getting it. Now they can—from your firm. 

Life Care Consulting has partnered with a nationally-recognized leader in the healthcare planning space, making it possible for you to offer Medicare and healthcare counseling to your clients. It’s called Health Insurance Advocates, and it’s like having your own on-staff Medicare Specialist—but without the hefty salary and benefits. Package Health Insurance Advocates as part of a Life care Plan. Offer Health Insurance Advocates as a stand-alone service for non-Life Care Plan clients who are already Medicare beneficiaries, or offer Health Insurance Advocates for clients who are turning 65 and making their Medicare choices for the first time. No matter how you package it, Health Insurance Advocates gives your clients unlimited access to a team of licensed, noncommissioned, no-pressure health advisors who will provide guidance via email, by phone, or in-person on a wide range of issues, including Medicare, prescription drug coverage, dental and vision coverage, claim expediting, and much more. Your clients will appreciate this added support, especially because it’s coming from people they already know and trust.

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