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"One thing that you really always have to think about: Relying on the world continuing to look like it used to look is a really bad idea."

- John Thain, former CEO of Merrill Lynch

  Sept. 30, 2009


A Life Care Plan

More Clarity. More Control. More Peace of Mind.

Change is Here. Are You Ready?

It’s no secret that the transforming legal and regulatory landscape has created big challenges for traditional estate planning and elder law firms. If you’re an experienced estate planning or elder law attorney who has watched revenues dry up due to these seismic shifts, or you’re seeking to increase  your professional fulfillment, Life Care Consulting  can help you make these changes work in your favor.

Transition to a New Kind of Elder Law

One way to leverage change involves expanding your practice to include Life Care Planning, a holistic approach to elder law.

More Success—Faster

Life Care Consulting’s Total Support Package can help your firm thrive no matter where you are in the business life cycle. If you’re brand new to Life Care Planning, the Total Support Package will create a solid foundation, get you off to a strong start, and assure your continued success. If you’re a Life Care Planning firm that already has care coordinators, Medicare coordinators, public benefits specialists, and/or fiduciary specialists on staff, use the Total Support Package to optimize your practice and generate even more revenue.

Offer More Services with Less Investment

Life Care Consulting offers outsourced service programs that deliver additional value to clients without the need to hire more staff. If your firm doesn’t currently offer Medicare/health counseling or fiduciary services, contract with Life Care Consulting to add those capabilities, enhancing the services provided to your clients, while also driving more clients and more revenue your way.

Free Webinar

Changing laws don't have to mean the end of your practice. If you're interested in helping older adults solve more than just the legal problems created by aging, long-term illness, and disability, this informative webinar will help you understand your market.
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